Curry has been on fire in 2017….no, the other Curry

It is easy to forget that Stephen Curry has a younger brother when hits a half court bomb or makes 13 threes in a game. Seth Curry of the Dallas Mavericks is having a step out of his brother’s shadows 2017. After getting moved into the starting lineup the Mavs are 8-3 and Curry is delivering in several different ways. This is not to say Seth is better than Steph, he’s not or that Seth is a star in the making, he isn’t. He can become a key piece to the rebuilding Mavs after being a NBA journeyman.

After Steph Curry was overlooked by so many colleges and led Davidson University to a NCAA tourney run, Duke came calling for his brother at Liberty University. Seth began to get noticed but went undrafted as a senior. Then he was picked up by the Golden State Warriors as a training camp invite and was released before the season. Since then he has been on five teams in his three year career and it looked like he found a home with the Sacramento Kings until the summer arrived the Mavs offered him a two year, six million dollar deal.

It’s been a long season so far for the Mavs but lately things have been looking up and it is easy to point to the lineup change. 8-3 in their last 11 since Curry was put in the starting lineup. He has a similar skill set to his brother. He is a career 43.2% three-point shooter and scoring a career high 11.5 points a night this season. Since the calendar rolled to 2017 both Currys have been on fire. In the last 15 games Seth is hitting on 49.3% from three while kicking up his scoring to 14.3 a night. He’s even out shooting his brother from three over this stretch who is hitting 45.6% from deep.

Seth is more than a three-point shooter, in the play below he made the right defensive read and switched out to deflect the ball. The Mavs get to running after the teal and found him for a transition three. Later in the game, the ball was kicked out to him on the wing with the defender closing out hard on him. He drove right by the defender and finished in the lane with a Steph-esque floater.

Curry is also a good pick-and-roll player as well, he came off the pick by Harrison Barnes and hit a three off the dribble, and on the next play he found a rolling Barnes for a dunk as the defense overacted to his three earlier. Later in the second quarter after the defensive big switched onto him in another pick-and-roll he got the big to dance as he faked like he was going to pull up for a jump and finished with a layup.

Seth Curry is on his way to climbing out of his brother’s shadow and beginning to carve his own story. The Mavs are a great situation for him, he’ll get plenty of minutes to continue craft his skill with in-game reps. Even if he doesn’t stick around the Mavs beyond next season he has proven that he belongs in the NBA. He has also proven that he’s not just the other Curry, he’s Seth Curry.

NBA Notes:

  • A Family Thing – Dell Curry shows shooting is a family thing in the Curry household.
  • A Rough January for the Deer – The Milwaukee Bucks went from the team no one wanted to play on the first round to might not even making the playoffs with a terrible January. The Bucks went 5-10 for the month, their defense has fallen off going from a defensive rating of 104.7 in December to 111.1 in January.
  • Thunder Struggle – With Enes Kanter out, the Thunder are beginning to show how little depth they have and lost three straight. Although they still have a long way to drop before we have to worry about their playoff chances, it is something to keep your eye on. They certainly can’t sustain another injury during this time.

Related Article Notes:

  • All stats come from and the sites.

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