Clippers finding success with this EOG Play

End of game plays (EOG) are the difference between winning and losing games. These are the plays a team runs when they are in a close game, whether they are tied, losing, or winning. These plays can be a common set that a team is used to running or a play drawn up in a timeout. The best teams execute these plays with surgical precision.

The Los Angeles Clippers are one of the hottest teams in the NBA. Even without Blake Griffin over the past 19 games, they have gone 15-4 since he’s been out. The Clippers are 6-2 in games decided by three points or less. They have found their own go to EOG play with great results.

The play has three options and requires the floor to have proper spacing. It starts with Redick and Jordan just above the free throw line and the wings spread out to the corner three-point line. Jordan runs past Redick to set a high pick-and-roll with Chris Paul. As he comes off the screen, Jordan rolls to the rim and Redick pops to the three point line.

This play perfectly executed gives the Clippers three options, Paul coming off the pick, Jordan rolling to the rim, and Redick popping out to three.

In the first example, the Grizzlies’ guards mix up their coverage and leave Redick wide open for three where he puts the game away for the Clippers.

In this example, the Hawks leave Horford at the free throw line to meet Paul as he comes off the screen while Teague fights over the top of it. Bazemore stays tight with Redick, Paul continues to attack until Horford commits and he drops the ball off to Jordan for the game-winning dunk.

In the last clip, Lakers attempt to cover it the same way the Hawks did with Hibbert. However, he stays with Jordan too long and gives Paul an easy jumper to shut the door on any comeback aspirations they may have had.

Every team has a few plays they go to at the end of games. The Clippers have found great success with this play using it when they are down, tied, or need to put the game away. This is not the only EOG play the Clippers have but so far it is one of their most effective.

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